Free Hacks for Cloud Buying and Digital Transformation

Despite the global transition toward digital-first business models, organizations that wish to purchase cloud services are typically forced go through a needlessly long traditional search process. This involves researching in an opaque market, speaking to multiple sales representatives, and trying to weigh limited options before making a decision. Organizations also face barriers when analyzing their current cloud usage to building cloud environments that really fit their needs, and when they need to migrate to new cloud environments.

Digital transformation is a team sport! Enterprises must be able to access cloud services easily and on-demand, and increase the speed to implementation the same way one might turn on a faucet. Third-party providers need to step in to standardized the marketplace and provide applications to help enterprise buyers to transition and optimize both cloud fit and spend, so they can build customized cloud quickly and efficiently.

While much of the technology needed to do this is already available, it has not been standardized or centralized. Until now.

This guide will explore the evolution of cloud marketplace platforms and the need for free solutions like the ones UCX has already brought to the market, as well as new features that will be available in the coming months, such as:

  • E-commerce Optimized Cloud Purchasing

  • MaaS Solutions

  • Workload and Infrastructure Audits

  • Backup Recovery Services

Digital transformation can improve how an entire organization operates. Naturally, cloud technology is fueling digital transformation across industries. But, you don't have to do it alone.

Download our guide to learn how a consultative, centralized cloud marketplace can increase the speed, provide better options and reduce complexity for your organization's digital transformation.

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