Optimizing E-commerce and Marketplace Models for Cloud Buying

Businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of moving to the cloud. Cloud technology encourages collaboration, enables auto-synchronization, and helps businesses vastly increase their efficiency and productivity.

Despite advances in e-commerce technology and cloud computing, business cloud buying is still based on legacy sales processes that involve proposals, salespeople, and multiple touchpoints. Although buying online at the touch of a button has become ubiquitous among consumers, it’s still an elusive concept in cloud buying and other B2B sales models.

This guide will educate you on the next generation of cloud buying, in which marketplace and e-commerce models will converge to help businesses find the optimal combination of price and performance for their cloud purchases.


Inside, you’ll read about the following:

  • Why Move to the Cloud?
  • The Fragmented Cloud Marketplace
  • The Marketplace E-Commerce Revolution
  • Optimizing Marketplace Models for Cloud Buying

The new cloud marketplace will benefit businesses that need cloud services by driving competition, enhancing the visibility of vendors, and connecting buyers with the most cost-effective cloud services available on the market. Download the guide to learn more.


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